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Mini House Hold Expresso Coffee Machine Semi- automatic Coffee Maker Latte And Cappuccino Frothing Steam Pump 240ml
US $55.00
Steam Pump 240ml
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Product Feature

Mini House Hold Expresso Coffee Machine Semi-automatic Coffee Maker Latte And Cappuccino Frothing Steam Pump 240ml

★ Type of coffee: Semi-automatic 2-in-1 espresso machine with milk frother that brews espresso cappuccino, latte and moka with a great taste from the first to the last drop.
★ Ingenious versatility: Can prepare cappuccinos, macchiato and latte with hot steam. By making the best, thick, low decibel foam and one-touch control, you can meet your coffee needs.
★ Brilliant design: The stainless steel housing and the automatic temperature control ensure a safe and lasting user experience. Removable transparent containers with volume, easy to clean.
★ Rich espresso taste: With the high pressure pump you can prepare a tasty espresso, extraction of coffee oil and inner layers of coffee and enjoy every drop of Italian coffee.
★ Simple: With the simple control panel, you can prepare wonderfully high-quality coffee thanks to the preset programs.
2 in 1 espresso and coffee machine, you can be your own barista.
With the espresso machine, you can get any coffee you want, in any style, such as: B. American-style coffee, cappuccino or latte.
Save the money you normally spend in this café.

- Electric 220V coffee grinder to connect: grind your own coffee or espresso beans to the perfect consistency and make sure that the freshest brewing takes place every time!
- Measuring spoon tamper: easy to scoop and measure the ideal amount of espresso flour.
- Built-in heating pan: Always ready to keep your cups warm.
- Built-in milk frother and container with adjustable control button: easy to fill and clean.

Voltage: AC 220-240 V / 50 -60 Hz
Power Frequency:
Espresso: 800 W
Capacity: 240 ml
Weight: 2 kg
Size: 235 * 165 * 300 mm
Package include: 1 * espresso machine 1 * coffee spoon press powder 1 * handle assembly 1 * drip tray 1 *

User manual Note:
1. Please pour lemon water / white vinegar to clean the coffee machine the first time.
2. In order to prevent the coffee from escaping, the coffee grounds should be mashed and be below the maximum filter level. Coffee residues on the water outlet and on the sealing ring should be cleaned with paper towels after use.
3. Please read the instructions carefully before use.
4. Please switch off the device and pull the power plug if you no longer want to prepare an espresso.

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